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No Matter Which Windows You Choose, Make Sure to Leave the Window Installation to Franzoso Contracting

After living in a house for a period of years, you’ll ultimately have to replace your windows, and for a variety of reasons: Houses settle, window frames warp and shrink, and even the best window designs of the past may now be obsolete. So if you believe it’s time to replace your windows, there’s no company better experience at window installation in Westchester and Putnam Counties than Franzoso Contracting.

Franzoso Contracting’s certified, expert window installers have the experience, know-how and tools to get the job done right. They use only the highest quality tools and precise sizing, and always check factors that might affect future performance of your windows including the wall in which the window will fit, and the roof overhang and rain gutters above the window.

Before replacing your windows our installers will remove your previous set windows and clean and prepare the area for the new units. They’ll insure a level fit and then set the replacement windows, then be paneled, caulked and trimmed. These careful steps will prevent problems like drafts or leaks from occurring in the future.

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