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Learn About Sliding Windows, Available from and Installed by Franzoso Contracting

Sliding windows are windows that opens horizontally, giving you the ability to move one window section to the left or right and allow air to flow.

Sliding windows are especially appropriate if your home has short walls. Contrasted with windows like double hung and single hung, sliding windows take up much less wall vertical wall space, making a room look and feel taller. And because they’re generally placed higher on a wall, you don’t have to worry about your furniture blocking your windows. Sliding windows are also simple in design and they generally last longer than other types of windows.

Some sliding windows come with one movable section, or two, and are available with all types of window frames. Single or multiple pane glass may be used in sliding windows, although thicker windows can make sliding more difficult.

Whether you live in Westchester or Putnam, you can count on Franzoso Contracting for the area’s best selection of sliding windows, and the professional installation that comes with more than 35 years’ experience.

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