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Learn About Double Hung Windows, Available from and Expertly Installed by Franzoso Contracting

Double-hung windows are the most common types of windows found in American homes and are about the most energy efficient on the market today. When the window’s top sash is lowered and the lower sash is raised, warm air near the ceiling can move out through the top while cooler air flows through the bottom, while cooler air can flow in through the bottom. Many double-hung windows feature sashes that tilt inward, allowing you to clean both the window’s interior and exterior surfaces.

Double hung windows can come with two types of glass: tempered and insulated Low E. Of the two, tempered glass is more durable and more impact resistant than standard glass, while Low E is more effective at retaining interior heat. Double hung windows also work perfectly with window screens and can be easily slipped into place.

Whether you live in Westchester or Putnam, you can count on Franzoso Contracting for the area’s best selection of double hung windows, and the professional installation that comes with more than 35 years’ experience.

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