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Franzoso Contracting Presents the Beauty and Craftsmanship of Sunrise Windows

Founded in 1994, Sunrise Windows has established itself as a premier manufacturer of innovatively designed, high-performing vinyl windows. They take great pride in the quality of their products and workmanship. Franzoso Contracting is proud of its relationship with this top-of-the-line manufacturer, and we invite you to consider the abundance of window options available to you that will be expertly fitted and installed by our master craftspeople.

Double Hung Windows

Quality and value combine in these high-caliber windows that capture the look of more traditional windows without the need for maintenance. A double contoured narrow-line, exterior mainframe adds curb appeal to your home, and exclusive mortised locks and wood-style coved trim around the glass creates the beauty you deserve.

Sliding Windows

Stylish and built to last, the contoured design of Sunrise sliding windows is clean and offers maximum visibility. Plus, the unique tilt-In sliding window makes it easy to clean with sashes that swing into your home. A solid performing, draft-free window.

Casement Windows

Beauty, charm, style and versatility come together to present an open view from the inside.

Sunrise casement windows feature two continuous weather-strip seals around the window’s perimeter that prevent drafts from entering your home.

Picture Windows

Versatility and stunning, Sunrise’s standard picture and casement picture windows bring comfort and added light to your home. These windows completely eliminate uncomfortable drafts.

Awning Windows

Sunrise Awning windows perfectly complement their casement designs. Together, they allow you to fill any room in your home with sunlight and airflow.

Bay Windows

An array of glass designs, sizes, and woodgrain interior colors will preserve your home’s classic look. Sunrise’s bay windows feature a larger center picture window with either double hung or Casement windows on the ends. Choose between a 30-degree or 45-degree angle.

Bow Windows

Featuring 3, 4, 5 or 6 equal sized sections, Sunrise’s bow windows add a new dimension and symmetry to a room. Available in a variety of colors, woodgrains and dynamic glass, and in custom sizes.

Single Hung Windows

With a look that’s as beautiful as Sunrise’s double hung windows, the only difference from inside your home is that the window’s top sash remains fixed in place.

Single Sliding Windows

With all the same features as Sunrise’s traditional sliding windows, the single sliders has one difference: one sash slides while the other remains stationary.

Garden Windows

Exceptional quality that extends beyond the normal window opening. Makes a perfect space for plants and flowers. Made of four pieces of energy-efficient glass, a Sunrise garden window can function as a mini-greenhouse for your kitchen. Casement windows on each side allow for steady air circulation. air to circulate as well. Available in five Corian® seatboard colors.

Projected Frame Windows

A custom-built dimensional window with room for books and other items, Sunrise’s projected frame window can be manufactured with any type of window, glass design and color combination.

Hopper Windows

Solid performance and maximum security, Sunrise’s basement hopper windows are designed to complement the other Sunrise windows in your home.

Geometric Shapes Windows

Sunrise Windows geometric shaped windows add distinction to your home’s exterior view. Select the shape, size and configuration that best reflect your home’s personality create your home’s personality while enhancing the light that enters your home.

Sunrise Double Hung Windows are maintenance-free and add curb appeal to your home.
Sunrise tilt-in sliding windows are easy to clean, with maximum visibility.
Sunrise Projected Frame Windows are custom-built with room for books and other items.
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