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Great Windows Start with Great Lakes Windows, from Franzoso Contracting

Great Lakes is a leading manufacturer of high-performance replacement and remodeling windows. The company’s premium windows are individually hand crafted and custom made to fit your home. Using state-of-the-art technology, modern equipment, and cutting edge operational techniques, Great Lakes vinyl windows are considered to be among the best, high performing windows in the industry.

Eco Smart Windows

The most energy-efficient windows produced by Greta Lakes feature are almost two times the insulating properties of typical fiberglass insulation. They deliver unsurpassed strength and durability.


With an insulating pocket for enhanced thermal performance., these widows provide nearly double the insulation of typical fiberglass insulation. Featuring unsurpassed strength and durability, you can take advantage of personalization options to create the look you want.

Harbor Light

With a multi-chamber sash and frame design, this window incorporates a sloped design with a hidden, integrated interlock that securely locks the sash into the sill, keeping weatherstripping intact for lasting durability and enhanced weather-tight performance.


Bay windows allow light to flood your room.
Vinyl casement windows are attached (or hinged) to one side of the frame and open by swinging out from your home.
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