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Enjoy the Timeless Allure of Natural Wood Siding

Wood is nature’s gift to homeowners, with a generous choice of woods to select from, and a life span that can exceed 30 years. Styles range from shingles and shakes to plywood and clapboard (or bevel), which is the most popular style in the northeastern U.S.

Versatile wood siding can be painted or stained in your favorite color. It should be resealed every four to nine years to maintain the natural richness of the wood, and to minimize wear from weather and insects like ants and termites. Wood siding also reinforces your home’s insulation better than thinner forms of cladding.

With 37 years’ experience and multiple awards, Franzoso is best equipped to quickly transform your home’s exterior by expertly installing beautiful, natural wood cladding.

Wood Siding Croton-on-Hudson NY
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