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Franzoso Teams Up with Shakertown to Give Your Home the Rich Tones and Radiance of Red Cedar Siding

The genuine, natural color and grain of Western Red Cedar will transform your home into a work of art lovingly created by the teamwork and artistry of Shakertown and Franzoso.

There’s no denying that Cedar shingles add dramatic dimensionality to a home’s profile. Cedar famously outlasts trends in style and it outlasts other building materials. The wood is known for its inherent resistance to the effects of rain, sun, pests and time. Its cellular structure makes an excellent insulator, and allows for natural resistance to weather conditions, ranging from severe summer heat to brutal winter storms.

Craftsman Cedar Shingle Panel
Using the finest Western Red Cedar vertical-grain heartwood, these panels can be installed six times faster than individual shingles. Available natural or pre-stained in any color of transparent or semi-transparent colors.

Cedar Cove Shingle Panel System
Western Red Cedar mixed grain shingles are bonded with exterior grade plywood to create the bold canvas of 8-foot panels. They are precision cut and sanded, then coated on all sides with an oil primer to protect from the elements, making them ready for top coat painting. These install 10 times faster than individual shingles.

Fancy Cuts Shingle
The perfect accent to a bay window, front entry or gable end. Different shapes can be combined for many possibilities to develop your personal look. Each shingle is 100% clear Western Red Cedar. Natural variations in color and grain give each shingle its own unique look. Choose from eight impressive patterns.

Dolly Varden Clear Vertical Grain Cedar T&G Paneling
A classic tongue-and-groove Western Red Cedar Paneling that laminates the cedar to exterior backing. It is stronger and more durable than other paneling, with qualities not found in solid cedar.

New Tahoe Shingle Panel
Add a unique and dramatic appearance to your home. These panels are made with 100% vertical grain Western Red Cedar.

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