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Prodigy Combines Comfort with Performance, and Franzoso Makes It All Work

Prodigy insulated siding excels in many areas because Alside, which makes it, sweats the details.

Prodigy is known for hanging tough in the most extreme weather conditions. Its state-of-the-art insulation measures up to 1-1/2-inches, making it the thickest foam available in one-piece insulated siding. That means lower heating and cooling bills for you.

Patented features include the RigidLock tongue-and-groove coupling that seals the panels and keeps out moisture. Together with TrueForm insulation that conforms precisely to the siding panel, they form an unbeatable blanket of protection all around your home.

Backed by warranty, the vinyl surface’s strong seams stand up to the heaviest rainfall and it resists fading for as long as 20 years. It’s also scratch-resistant and won’t be affected even by high-velocity winds.

As an added benefit, when installed to meet the high standards of Franzoso’s award-winning craftsmanship, Prodigy siding qualifies for Energy Star new home status.

There are more than 20 colors of Prodigy, and all will complement any trim and accessories that go with it.

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