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Franzoso Presents Vintage White Cedar Shingles and Genuine Wood Siding by Maibec

For more than 40 years, Maibec siding has been known for its durability and high quality finishes in a wide variety of solid colors, with nearly 100 shades. Also choose from semi-transparent colors. Plus, consider the unique appeal of Maibec’s proprietary TrueMatch Custom Color System, which can convert any color to a solid stain.

Genuine Wood Siding
Wood lends an organic beauty and warmth that complements any home’s architectural style. The siding can be installed horizontally or vertically, and combined with shingles or even with other materials. There are seven profiles to create a truly unique look: Rabbeted Bevel, Modern, Contemporary, Channel, Cove, V-Joint, Board & Batten. Available in Textured Finish or Maibec Urbahn Brushed-Face Finish.

Eastern White Cedar Shingles
Maibec shingles can be used to enhance the original beauty of your home, emphasize its architectural details, or pair harmoniously with other materials for a more contemporary look. Available in a generous variety of solid colors and semi-transparent stains. Choose from two surface finishes: Nantucket (rich and uniform) and Bar Harbor (rustic and natural).

Traditional Shingles
They feature a natural finish and come in variable widths. Ideal for facades and walls with multiple details, such as windows, skylights and corners.

Victorian Shingles
Nine original patterns available as individual shingles to create visual interest for your home’s architecture. Shapes include Square, Fish Scale, Rounded, Octagonal, Cove, Diamond., Hexagonal, Arrow, Diagonal.

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