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Franzoso Gives You the Maintenance-Free High Quality of Real Cedar and Stone from Foundry

Together with Franzoso, Foundry strives to achieve the perfect balance of superior aesthetics and long-lasting durability. Its best-in-class specialty vinyl siding products provide the authentic beauty of natural wood and stone without ongoing maintenance or deterioration. No painting. No staining. No rotting or fading.

Foundry has 31 standard colors and more than 250 distinctive colors to match all major siding manufacturers’ colors, so it’s easy to bring your design to life with the right color and with Franzoso’s unparalleled craftsmanship to install it professionally and properly.

Split Shakes
Their deep texture creates a dramatic contrast of light and shadow that can give any home distinctive curb appeal. Random grooves and grain convey the look of traditional hand-split cedar.

Staggered Shakes
Full of depth and character, they can add the perfect rustic charm to any home.

Perfection Shingle
Strikes a balance between rustic and refined, as the deep texture of Shakes combined with the clean lines of Shingles creates a unique, eye-catching accent.

The Foundry Shingle
This features a naturally textured finish, creating the clean, classic look of a traditional cedar shingle. Random mill saw marks and long, subtle grain creates a soft dimension and wood-like feel.

Fish Scale Shingles and Round Shingles
These similar product lines feature soft curves with subtle grain and saw marks for added authenticity.

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