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Comprehensive Roof Repairs Services to Keep Your Roof in Optimum Shape

A home’s roof is exposed 24/7 to all manner of natural elements. That’s why we say a roof never has a good day. That doesn’t mean you can’t keep your roof in tip-top shape by inspecting it yourself from the ground, or having it inspected and, if necessary, repaired by Franzoso Contracting, a fully licensed and insured roofer.

The recommended times for a roof inspection are when gutters are being cleaned, in the spring and fall. There are some measures you can take on your own to protect your roof – and your family’s safety – but in most cases, the safest decision you can make is to call in a professional roofing contractor like Franzoso. (We urge you not to walk on top of the roof yourself to inspect it or repair it.)

We’re There for Emergency Repair

If you have an immediate need for emergency repairs from the storms in Westchester or Putnam county, please contact us and we will try to accommodate your request as soon as possible. We have additional roofing crews and extra repair staff standing by for your needs.

If your need for roof repair is the result of normal, everyday wear-and-tear, Franzoso also will be there as soon as we can to make sure your family stays fully protected from the elements.

Other than event-driven damage from a storm, how do you know if your roof is in need of repair?

Look for Red Flags on the Roof

There are certain red flags to look for that signal a roof repair is required.
The most obvious danger sign is a leaky interior, on the ceiling or wall, or noticing wet spots collecting on the floor without being sure from where they originated.
Besides a ceiling or wall leak, check for discoloration or mildew in the same areas. if you start to notice daylight seeping through your attic, or moisture on your insulation, it well could be time to raise a new roof.

A roof that is near or past 20-25 years old is at the end of its useful life. Call us for a professional assessment of whether you need a roof repair or a full replacement.

A lot can happen to shingles that tell you the roof is ready for repairs: When shingles start to curl, lose their granules, become brittle and fragile, or display dark stains, it’s time to ring up Franzoso to take a look at your roof for a repair estimate.

While we’re there, we also will closely and carefully inspect any interior damage, and recommend how to prevent it from recurring both inside and outside your home.

Examine Your Energy Cost

A not-so-obvious symptom of a roof falling down on its job is excessive energy costs. That can result from a less-than-airtight roof compromising your attic’s heating/cooling ventilation efficiency.

For 26 years, Franzoso Contracting Inc. has been the leading innovator and provider of roofing and weatherproofing for Westchester and Putnam county area homes. We are your source for all types of roofing needs, whether it is shingle, flat layover or full removal.

As a CertainTeed Select Shingle Roofer, Franzoso Contracting has the expertise to repair or replace your roof properly and professionally. CertainTeed Select Shingles are algae-resistant, and backed by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Franzoso Contracting is proud to be a preferred contractor, selected by North America’s largest roofing manufacturer for its GAF Master Elite Program. That means Franzoso customers receive a roof warranty that is second to none.

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