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Like most Westchester and Putnam homeowners, you want to save as much as you can on energy costs. One of the most important places to start is with your home’s roof. Selecting the wrong roofing materials alone can add unnecessary heat during the summer and significant heat loss in winter. But you can’t go wrong with Franzoso, the company that’s fully dedicated to improving your home’s energy efficiency.

Superior Energy Efficiency in Every Roof We Install

Not all roofing materials enhance energy efficiency. You’ll want to choose a roof system that creates a strong shield between the inside of your home and the outside – a barrier that prevents energy loss and mitigates the effect of outside weather conditions.

The Most Energy-Efficient Roofing Materials

Not all roofing materials are equal. Some are simply better at creating energy efficiency than others


While not as common as other roofing materials, metal, by its very nature, absorbs less heat than shingles and highly reflective. Metal roofs dramatically reduce heat gain and cut cooling costs.


Enabling a natural airflow on the surface of the roof keeps your home cooler, slate is also extraordinarily durable.


When you choose asphalt shingles, make sure they incorporate a reflective coating, which will reflect about 80% of the heat it’s exposed to.

Add Even Greater Energy-Efficiency

At Franzoso, we’ll make certain that your roofing materials are flawlessly installed, fully sealed and protected with reflective coatings, but we can help reduce your energy costs even more by creating a radiant barrier and roof insulation in your attic. Together, insulation and radiant barriers deter heat transfer, enabling you to reduce both heating and cooling costs.

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