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Sustain Your Lifestyle with Environmentally-Friendly Shingles from EcoStar

EcoStar is the leading manufacturer of sustainable, steep-slope roofing products that are eco-friendly. The company’s distinctive lines of synthetic slate and synthetic shake tiles are made from recycled rubber and plastics.

Majestic Slate
Enjoy the natural beauty of slate plus enhanced strength and durability with Majestic Slate tiles. They provide enhanced resistance to harsh weather conditions, including wind, driving rain, and hail. Composed of recycled rubber and plastic, Majestic Slate tiles are a lightweight alternative to traditional slate roofing products. Choose from a 50-year Gold Star or Limited Materials warranty, with option for a 100-mph wind warranty.

Empire Slate
The newest member of the EcoStar family of premium steep slope roof tiles is the Empire Slate line of products. This second generation of sustainable roofing offers all the features and benefits of the Majestic line, and more. Empire Slate tiles reflect the sun’s heat energy back into space, so heat is not absorbed by the house.

Empire Shake and Empire Shake Plus
Empire Shake and Empire Shake Plus tiles provide eco-friendly, hassle-free, synthetic alternatives to wood shake roofing. They combine the classic architectural detail of natural wood with the modern performance, long life cycle and energy efficiency of synthetic tiles.

Seneca Shake
Manufactured from recycled rubber and plastic, this tile offers the appearance of natural cedar shake with superior performance, protection and durability. Like all EcoStar products, Seneca Shake is available with a 50-year warranty and a 100-mph wind warranty.

Enjoy the natural beauty of slate with enhanced wind resistance.
These slate tiles reflect the sun’s heat to keep your home cool.
EcoStar’s slate is made from recycled rubber and plastics.
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