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Westchester Seamless Gutters and Gutter Protection

After my third year in business, I decided to purchase a gutter machine. Until then, I had the gutters dropped off at the job site electing to install them myself. Another option was to outsource the gutters and leaders.

Well, to this day I have never subcontracted any work off and I never will.

Franzoso Contracting of Westchester has one gutter and leader team operating 2 machines. One standard 5″ residential type and one 6″ commercial type. Bothmachines are brand new and state of the art.

How does the Gutter Guard system work?

Gutter Guard completely encloses and protects your gutters. There are no vertical openings for leaves and debris to enter, and no screens to clog. Rainwater flows over and around the nose of the Gutter Guard system and into your gutters by the simple physical law of water surface tension. It’s just like the way water clings to the side of a glass when poured.

Gutters become clogged when leaves and debris fall onto a roof in dry weather, accumulating in gutters and clogging downspouts. When it rains, the gutters overflow. But with Gutter Guard fitted snugly over your gutters, dry leaves simply blow over the top of the enclosed system and fall harmlessly to the ground. Rain-soaked leaves either stay clinging to the roof or get washed over the Gutter Guard to the ground. Smaller leaves and debris are carried by the rain into the gutter and out the downspouts, keeping your gutters free-flowing.

How does Gutter Guard perform in ice and snow?  affordable gutter protection

Gutter Guard has a proven record of success in heavy snow areas such as Buffalo, Minneapolis, and Canada, because it prevents ice and snow build-up in gutters. The formation of an ice dam is a natural function caused by the combination of effective home insulation, ventilation, and temperature variations. As snow and ice melt on heated roof areas, it migrates downward, often re-freezing over the uninsulated areas of eaves and overhangs. The resulting ice dams that build and back-up onto the roof can damage roof decking and shingles, and can even pull gutters right off your home. While Gutter Guard does not prevent ice dams from forming, homeowners have found that the Gutter Guard system greatly reduces the potential damage from ice by preventing ice build-up in gutters. Ice sheets and icicles simply flow over the protected gutter and fall harmlessly to the ground, while water from melted ice flows freely through the gutter system.

But will it work in heavy rains?

Gutter Guard is engineered to direct 22 inches of rain per hour into a home’s gutters. That’s twice the heaviest rainfall ever recorded in the United States! Homeowner testimonials praise Gutter Guard’s ability to transfer rain even in severe hurricane conditions.

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