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MicroGuard’s Leaf Protection Screen Is the Right Choice to Keep Your Gutters Clean

Your gutters will perform better and last longer when protected by a gutter guard, and none get the job done better than the line of MicroGuard Leaf Protection screens from Englert.

The protective design employs micro-filtration technology with angled perforations that let water run through the screen but stop unwanted detritus from doing the same.

There are three configurations to choose from, and Franzoso’s specialists will know which design makes the most sense for protecting your home and its gutters from leaves, debris and pests that can undermine the efficiency of any water management system.

The Traditional series from MicroGuard sits face-down between the front of the gutter and the rear bracket.

The Reverse Bend MicroGuard also attached to the front of the gutter but it faces up, stopping water off the roof from seeping behind the gutter.

MicroGuard Flat has a flat back that slips under the first row of shingles if the roofing has been cut too short.

The screens won’t interfere with shingles and won’t void any roofing warranties that cover your home.

MicroGuard screens are available in three designs so Franzoso can select the best one to protect your gutters.
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