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Boost Your Home’s Insulation with eShield & Enjoy Better Energy Efficiency

Who ever imagined that space technology could protect your home from radiant heat, but that’s the principle behind eShield from Franzoso. It is a state-of-the-art foil laminate that is proven to stop more than 97% of radiant transfer, the primary source of energy loss.

Attic Insulation Croton-on-Hudson NY

Your home is like a space suit. It should keep heat in when the weather is cold –and keep it out when the weather is hot. While standard insulation effectively preserves conductive and connective heat, it is much less effective against radiant heat.

Enter eShield. The same radiant barrier technology used in space can produce dramatic results in your attic, and bring your heating and cooling bills down to earth. When combined with eShield’s blown-in insulation and air sealing service, the barrier method is part of eShield’s “The Perfect Attic System.”

Department of Energy tests show that the eShield™ attic energy barrier can deliver more energy savings than as much as 12 inches of additional fiberglass insulation.

eShield works for the life of your home without settling, condensation or mildew. It contains no dangerous fibers and so is safely hypoallergenic. Plus, you don’t need to worry about any maintenance or replacement. Better yet, eShield often pays for itself faster than any other home improvement investment.

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