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Services for a More Energy-Efficient Home in Croton-on-Hudson, NY

Energy Solutions Croton-on-Hudson NYWhen you own a home in Westchester, Putnam, or Dutchess County, you know just how frigid the winters can be and how sweltering the summers can get. With these drastically high and low temperatures, it’s important for your home to be as energy efficient as possible. As a local home remodeling company based in Croton-on-Hudson, New York, Franzoso Contracting understands the significance of a properly insulated and energy-efficient home, so we offer a number of services to guarantee you’re always kept comfortable.

Attic Insulation & Air Sealing

We’re committed to helping you increase the energy efficiency of your home with our full line of attic insulation products and services. We offer our own blown-in insulation and air-sealing services, which together comprise “The Perfect Attic System.” This advanced system that we’ve developed is designed to combat all three types of heat transfer—conductive, convective, and radiation—that can cause an attic to become hot in the summer or lose heat in the winter.

Furthermore, unlike other blown-in insulation products on the market, ours is the only one that is guaranteed to maintain its R-value level for as long as you own your home, so you can rest assured that you’re investing in a quality, effective product. Additionally, our air-sealing service, which seals holes and leaks in the house, can significantly cut down on air leakage in the attic and can have an immediate impact on your monthly energy bills.

Home Energy Audit

On top of our attic insulation and air-sealing services, our certified BPI (Building Performance Institute) energy auditors are happy to explain other energy-efficient options for your home, including windows and doors, siding and roofing, solar, and other solutions that work best to save you money and keep you absolutely comfortable.

Your Lower Hudson Valley house will never be more energy efficient than after partnering with Franzoso Contracting. Contact us today to take back control of your home’s energy efficiency.

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