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Different types of doors handle air flow in and out of your house in varying degrees of efficiency. The more you know about how quality doors expertly installed by Franzoso can reduce your utility bills, the wiser choices you can make for your home and family.

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Which Doors Are Best for Thermal Control?

Swinging doors seal air more completely than sliding doors, but in either case, glass doors are not as efficient as wood or steel doors when it comes to thermal control. To improve the energy performance of glass doors, insulated frames and thicker glass panes are used. Steel doors perform better than wood in keeping cool air inside in warm weather and keeping it outside in cold weather.

Insulation Slams the Door on Extreme Cold

A door frame that fits tightly is critically important. The inside of the door matters also: Its insulation should be dense enough to withstand extremes in outdoor temperatures.

How expertly a door is installed, in terms of both fitting and weather-stripping, will affect its efficiency, and Franzoso has more than 30 years of experience installing doors in homes like yours. Doors that earn Energy Star designation have been tested and certified to meet the most exacting standards of energyefficiency.

Do You Need a New Door or Weather Stripping?

Also keep in mind that, while doors need to play their part in controlling house ventilation, they are just one part of the whole picture. Whatever air may be lost through a door tends to escape through the frames rather than through the center of the door.

The age of an exterior door will affect home insulation and energy management as well. Check with Franzoso to see if your doors are ready for replacement. If the door itself is still good, new weather-stripping may be the answer. Doors that swing open inward or outward are better for air control than doors that slide open and shut.

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